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The Bayfield Cemetary was established in December of 1861 when Stanley Township Clerk, John Esson, bought an acre of land from Andrew Bronson. Bronson purchased the first burial plot for $3 and then the land was divided into shares. Buying an initial 10 shares were: James Gairdner, Andrew Rutledge, Thomas H. Bateman, William H. Hall, Willaim W. Connor, William Bengough, James Thompson & Co., and George Erwin.

Purchasing 5 shares each were; William Rankin and Alex Cameron.

Buying 2 shares each were; Dr. Ninian M. Woods, Henry Howard, Charles Middleton, Donald Shaw, Mathew Westlake, Robert Watson, F. Kandhide, Hugh Bannerman and Christain Ebenhart.

Buying 1 share were; Tudor Marks, Thomas Jackson, Alexander Falconer, George Castle, John Esson, Christopher Johnston, Thomas Elliott, Valentine Homan, Aaron Waltoin, Frances Phelps, Edward Looby, John Bolton, William Church, Andrew Elliott, William Jowett, John Hanley, Peter Dezing, Henry McCann,Nicholas Kahlar, Daniel McDonald, Isaac Eratt, D.H. Ritchie, Robert Cranston, James McDonald, Robert Snowden, George Beatty, William Rathwell, John Rathwell, Jacob Bettschen, George Eberhart, John D. Cameron, John Geminhardt, B. Snowden.


Bayfield Town Meeting Cemetery Plots 1900


The cemetery records of the archives document the Bayfield Cemetery. One of the first acts of the Bayfield Historical Society was to record the names, dates and inscriptions on the tombstones in the Bayfield Cemetery. The cemetery records are indexed by last name.


Bayfield Cemetery Plots